School Outreach Team

The School Outreach Team enlists volunteers for the following efforts in nearby public schools: 1) Mentors 2) Tutors 3) Holiday gift drive

For much of this work, we collaborate with Communities In Schools of Federal Way.  

Our church team currently consists of the following members:

Joan Tornow    (253) 942-7601
John Tornow
Debra Valpey
Bev Ross
Steve Ross
We welcome input and participation by anyone who is interested in joining us.  Please contact Joan Tornow or Debra Valpey with any questions.  More info will be shared in the Scroll and in the weekly announcements. Schools are struggling to meet the needs of a diverse student body.   The children and their teachers are very appreciative of any time you can share with them during the school day to enhance student learning and self esteem.

We like to feature the work of individual volunteers.   You can find these testimonials here.

To find out more, please contact Joan Tornow  (253) 942-7601, Debra Valpey, or Sue Eaton in the Church Office.