Overview of Social Justice Groups

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that working toward a more compassionate and just world is an important part of growing our own souls. Here are some of our social justice activities:

Saltwater Climate Action Now! began in 2015.  We are dedicated to raising awareness about climate change among members of our church, to participating in direct actions to reduce carbon emissions, and to contributing to Saltwater outreach efforts by being visible as Unitarian Universalists and members of Saltwater at events we attend.  We join with other churches and with environmental organizations to further our aims.  We meet monthly on the first Sunday, following the service.  For more information, please contact Mary Paynter, payntermary@comcast.net

Through our Share-the-Plate program, one-half of the undesignated funds from our Sunday mornig offering benefits a local charity. To nominate an organization to receive our offering for one month, visit www.saltwaterchurch.org/sharetheplate or contact Share-the-Plate coordinator Kathy Linnell via administrator@saltwaterchurch.org .

Hospitality House is the only shelter for single homeless women in South King County. Saltwater Church volunteers bring dinners to the women staying there several times every year. For more information about volunteering, contact Sherry Edwards via administrator@saltwaterchurch.org .

Through our School Outreach Team, we provide mentors to students at local schools and have a Holiday Giving Tree for low-income students and families. For more information about this team, visit www.saltwaterchurch.org/schooloutreachteam or contact Joan Tornow via administrator@saltwaterchurch.org

Saltwater Church is a member of Sound Alliance, a community organizing network of more than 30 different organizations working toward the common good in the Puget Sound region. For more information about this team, visit www.saltwaterchurch.org/soundalliance or contact Phil Dindia at (253) 941-1106 or at soundalliance@saltwaterchurch.org .

Saltwater Church sends volunteers to Haiti to work with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. For more information about participating, contact Babara Nelson via administrator@saltwaterchurch.org