Art Wall Update

Our Art Wall, located in the Welcoming Room, now features "The Evolution of a Young Artist," among other youthful displays.  Come and view the lovely "Tree Of Life" painting by our Lighthouse children and youth.  It was "won" at the Auction by Lucia Faithful and donated back to Saltwater.  Thank you, Lucia!  Please also enjoy framed art by the children of Dunlap elementary, which was framed and gifted to us by Joan Tornow.  Finally, please enjoy the artistic avenues that Chris Swanziger of our congregation has travelled in his development as a young artist.  His work is amazing!  Pricing information will be posted by March 12, if not sooner, but you can enjoy the show right now.

This exhibit ends soon. Wouldn't you like own an original "Chris Swansiger" before he becomes even more famous and you have to mortgage your house to afford one?  


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Please contact Debra Valpey ( or 206-953-5704) if you or someone in your family, or a close friend, would like to be featured on our Art Wall in the Welcoming Room. I am planning displays for the rest of the calendar year and I want to give "first dibs" to our own artists. And don't be bashful! There is an artist lurking within us all! I need to hear from you as soon as possible as empty walls are just too sad! Thank you!!!!!