Testimonial from Lisa Key

As your Board President, this is my third and final year as a board member.  Before time escapes me, I want you to know what an honor it has been to serve our congregation.  Ten years ago, I was a visitor who fell in love with the warmth of this community.  A few years later, I reluctantly joined the Family Ministries Team, worried that I didn’t have the know-how to serve our children and families.  The next three years I chaired that team.  I found my inner leader through the support of my team and our fabulous Director of Family Ministries, Melinda Einander.  I became a board member shortly after that, ready to do to whatever work was asked of me.  And it was work!  Fulfilling, yes, but a lot of work.  My first two years on the board, I felt the weight of the congregation on my shoulders.  There were leadership holes to fill, budgets to balance, stewardship events to plan…the list went on.

 Then it changed.  During our board retreat last August we began shifting our focus from “how” to “why.”  New leaders emerged, our Petal Leads and team leaders, who embraced the “how.”  I am blown away by the creativity and collaboration of these leaders and their teams, who are now empowered to act.


By letting go of the “how,” board work has changed.  Much of our time during this initial shift has been devoted to creating policies that support it:  deciding how the board will function, defining the role of the minister, and clarifying the relationship between us.  The visionary work has only just begun, as we continuously weigh our decisions against the values and mission of the congregation.  It is deeply meaningful work and I am so grateful to be a part of it.  I don’t feel the weight of the congregation on my shoulders anymore, because it is now shared by so many.  Thank you for creating this opportunity by embracing the change.