Chalice Circle Facilitator Check-in Form

Chalice Circle Facilitators are requested to fill out the form below after each Chalice Circle session. The information entered into this form is emailed directly to Reverend James. Please contact James if you have any questions about using this form.

Have any current members dropped out or have any new members joined? If so, please list their names.

Have you called or checked in on anybody who was absent without explanation?

In general, how did your session go?

Do you have any specific comments about how your session went? This could include comments ranging from general logisitcs to the the topic to group dynamics.

Are any participants experiencing life transitions which Reverend James, the Lay Ministry Team, or the Caring Team should know about?

During the check in or during the discussion of the topic and questions, did any topics come up that you think might be interesting topics for future sermons or Chalice Circles?

Is there anything else you want to add?

Would you like Reverend James to contact you about your Chalice Circle?

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